Introducing Daddi Long Legs Sand Bag: Keep Your Gear Secure on Any Boat!

Are you tired of your gear sliding around or getting damaged on your boat? Say goodbye to those worries with Daddi Long Legs Sand Bag! Our innovative solution ensures your belongings stay in place, whether you’re sailing the open seas or enjoying a day out on the lake.

Easy Installation

Setting up your Daddi Long Legs Sand Bag is a breeze. Simply screw the Daddi Long Legs spindle base into the adaptor using the stainless steel screws provided. Then, place it on a level surface on your boat, such as a deck, cockpit, or cabin roof. Within minutes, you’ll have a secure anchor for your gear.

Heavy Bean-Bag-Style Construction

Our sand bag features a heavy bean-bag-style construction that keeps your Daddi Long Legs firmly in place. No matter the conditions, you can trust that your belongings are safe and secure. Whether it’s a bumpy ride or rough waters, our sand bag ensures stability and peace of mind.