Golden Eagle Kite Bird Repellent With 6m Extendable Telescopic Pole

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Size: 120x52cm/47×20.47inch

Ground Stake Size: 100cm

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This bird repellent is made to scare the invading birds or other any animals. .

We exert ourselves in designing this defender and we put a pair of gleam eyes on the kite because the research shows birds sensitive to moving reflective things. You can install this efficient device in your garden, farm or other buildings. And this birds defender will help to dislodge the birds! “Look, Golden Eagle!” “We’d better move our asses off this place!”


  • The Golden Eagle flying kite will fly with the breeze to scare bird and pest away, a high effective bird repellent solution.
  • The Golden Eagle kite with the reflective eyes and Birds hate shiny reflective objects that move, and will avoid coming near these bird repellent.
  • Good Golden Eagle kite with 6 meter pole. Placing pole at an angle on the ground can prevent string from being wrap, which will make sure a long life of kite.Widely used in your backyard, lawn and farm to create a bird-free zone.


  • Material: Nylon cloth with 6 meter Pole and Ground Stake
  • Color: As picture

Package Includes:

  1. Golden Eagle Kite
  2. 6 Meter pole
  3. Kite String
  4. Ground stake


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