Solar Panel Wire Mesh Clips – SOLARBIRD – CO.UK – Pigeon proofing

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  • An innovative system designed specifically to keep birds out from under solar arrays protecting the roof, wiring and equipment from damage.
  • Solar clips are recommended every 450mm (18 inches) 2 clips on short edge 3 clips on long edge.
  • Solar clips bind the mesh to the panels without drilling holes or damaging the system
  • A new product that is fast easy & highly effective, making solar panel bird exclusion straight forward
  • This non-penetrating system is fast and easy to install and can be removed for service.
  • A typical solar panel is approximately 1.6m tall and 1m wide, on a typical panel one should use 3 clips on each long edge and 2 clips on each short edge.
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Protect your solar panels from bird damage with our innovative Bird Control Solar Panel Clips. Designed to keep birds away from under solar arrays, these clips safeguard your roof, wiring, and equipment.

Tired of pigeons causing harm to your solar panels? Our Bird Control Solar Panel Clips are the ultimate pigeon proofing solution for your solar panels.

These clips are easy to install and effectively deter pigeons from roosting or nesting on your panels. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials, they provide long-lasting protection.

Beyond safeguarding against damage, these clips prevent droppings from impacting panel efficiency. They also work to keep other birds and pests away.

Ensure optimal effectiveness by installing clips every 450mm (18 inches) along panel edges. With a simple and non-penetrating design, installation is quick, easy, and won’t damage your system.

Maximize the efficiency of your solar panels with our reliable and effective Bird Control Solar Panel Clips. Invest in protection that lasts and reap the benefits of clean, efficient solar power.

Installation Guide: Solar Panel Wire Mesh Pigeon Proofing Clips

  1. Place clips every 18 inches along the edge of the solar panel array.
  2. Slide the clip onto the edge of the solar panel support bracket, ensuring it fits securely.
  3. Set the clip in place, making sure the fastener rod applies upward pressure on the screen to keep it in position.
  4. Slide the speed washer onto the clip’s shaft until it is snug.
  5. Adjust the screen and tighten the speed washer. Install the locking nut hand tight, using the threaded nut to set the correct tension.
  6. Cut off any excess mesh screen sticking over the top edge of the solar panel array.
  7. Trim the clip’s assembly rod flush with the exterior of the speed washer using metal shears.

Follow these steps to ensure effective installation and keep birds, pests, and debris out of your solar panel array. Enjoy uninterrupted solar power with our Bird Control Solar Panel Clips.

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